Terms & conditions

The sales and delivery terms and conditions in this document apply to the purchase of goods at www.heatxperts.com.

www.heatxperts.com is owned by HeatXperts ApS, bus. reg. no. DK37813834, address H.J. Poulsens Allé 1, 5250 Odense SV, Denmark, and by e-mail at [email protected]. The agreements are in Danish, English, Swedish, Polish and German.

The right of cancellation applies only to private consumers, who shop through www.heatxperts.com. Business owners have no right of cancellation.

Payment and delivery

We accept payments via Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Apple Pay and PayPal. We do not charge a fee for payment. The amount is deducted only when the item is shipped. Or, in the case of a specially manufactured product, we will deduct payment when production begins. If you have ordered multiple items and one of the products is backordered, we will deduct payment for this item when it is shipped. Prices are quoted in Euro (€). If your total order value is above €499 we offer free shipping to a country inside the European Union. You will select the shipping method of your choice at the end of the order process.

We will ship the item 1-3 days after your purchase if the products you have ordered is in stock.

We ship your items via international carriers i.e. GLS, DHL and UPS.

We offer free shipping to all countries in Europe on orders with a total price above €499.


You are entitled to cancel an agreement without justification within 30 days. If you have purchased multiple items in a single order, you can choose to cancel the purchase of some or all of the items. You may verify the refund of delivery costs in case of withdrawal as described below.

The cancellation period expires 30 days after the date on which you or any other person you have chosen (but not the carrier) physically receives the goods. If you have ordered multiple items in a single order and we cannot deliver your items in a single shipment, the cancellation deadline applicable for you or another person you have designated (excluding the carrier) will be the time the last item is in your physical possession.

If the deadline expires on a public holiday, Saturday, Denmark’s Constitution Day, Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, the deadline is extended to the following day.

Exemptions to the right of withdrawal

You may lose your right of withdrawal if you break the seal/packaging on the product, or if the product is degraded and impaired through improper use and damage.

How to exercise the right of withdrawal

You may exercise your right of withdrawal by contacting us directly. For example, you can send a letter or an e-mail informing us of your desire to withdraw to: HeatXperts ApS, Bus. Reg. no. DK37813834, H.J. Poulsens Allé 1, 5250 Odense SV, Denmark

You can use the law's standard withdrawal form. If you choose to withdraw, we will send confirmation as soon as possible via post/email, notifying you that we have received your request. The cancellation deadline is deemed met if you send your withdrawal form for the respective purchase before the withdrawal deadline expires.

Return of the item and return costs

If you have withdrawn from the purchase of an item, please send or physically return the item to us or to:

HeatXperts ApS
H.J. Poulsens Allé 1
DK-5250 Odense SV, Denmark

The item must be shipped without undue delay, within 30 days after notification that you wish to cancel your purchase. The deadline is deemed met if you return your items before the 30-day expiration deadline.

Items cannot be shipped as payable on delivery or without standard distribution. You are responsible for return costs.

Repayment upon withdrawal

When you exercise your right to withdraw, we will refund all payments received from you, including any delivery costs. We will refund the amount without undue delay, within 30 days of the date we receive your notice of withdrawal. However, we may withhold the refund until we have received the returned items, or until you have submitted proof that the items have been returned. We will issue the refund using the same payment method you selected for the original transaction unless you have specified otherwise. In any case, you will not incur any fees associated with the refund process.

Testing of items and packaging

You are only liable for one level of deterioration for the value of the product due to the handling of items beyond what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the items.

Typically, you should inspect the item in the same way you would in the shop, and an item must be in its original condition if it is to be returned. If you have used the product in such a way that would not be permissible in a shop, and we cannot resell the product at its full value, you should expect that we will deduct the impairment when applying your refund. If the item no longer has any commercial value, we will not refund the purchase amount.

You must return the item in its original packaging.

You should also ensure that the item is properly packaged when you return it. You are liable for damages caused by improper packaging up to the time we receive the product. Therefore, save the postal receipt and any tracking/tracing numbers.

Limitation of liability

HeatXperts is liable under the general rules of Danish law. However, HeatXperts cannot be held liable for the buyer’s indirect losses, including – but not limited to – loss of business, loss of profits, loss of goodwill or any other incidental loss.

HeatXperts’s liability is any event limited to the value of the goods supplied.

Force majeure

HeatXperts cannot be held liable if the failure to fulfil its obligations is due to a reason beyond HeatXperts’s control, such as strikes, lock-outs, export or import bans, embargos, delayed or inadequate delivery of materials from subcontractors, unexpected stop of production, lack of energy ressources or transport, hacker attacks, unforeseen downtime on systems, seizures and other similar circumstances.

In case of force majeure, HeatXperts is entitled to extend the delivery time accordingly or to cancel the agreement. Save as if the agreement is canceled, the parties is obligated to fulfil the agreement upon the cease of the force majeure event. Both parties are entitled to cancel the agreement if the force majeure event occurs for more than 3 months.

Product liability

Subject to the restrictions imposed by mandatory law, HeatXperts is only liable for damage caused by products to persons or property if it is proved that the damage is due to defects or negligence on a product supplied by HeatXperts and it is proved that 1) the product is defect, 2) the damage is due to the defect, and 3) there is causal link between the defect and the damage.

Furthermore, HeatXperts is not liable for damage to real estate and damage to chattels that occurs while the product is in possession of the buyer. HeatXperts is as well not liable for damage on products that is manufactured by the buyer and in which the product supplied by HeatXperts is included. The buyer is obligated to indemnify HeatXperts if HeatXperts is held liable and the liability is beyond the liability described above. The buyer is obligated to have a product liability insurance covering any product liability that may be claimed against the buyer without recourse against HeatXperts.

The buyer is obligated to accept a legal action brought against the buyer at the same court or arbitration tribunal that is processing an action against HeatXperts regarding product liability.

Complaint - If there is a defect in the item

If you purchase a product and find there is a defect, such as a material or manufacturing defect, the terms of the purchase law will apply. You can report defects in the product within 12 months from the date of delivery by contacting us at [email protected]. We will ask that you provide as detailed a description as possible regarding the nature of the product defect.

If the complaint is deemed warranted and the defect cannot be rectified without returning the item, we will refund you an amount deemed reasonable to cover shipping costs. Remember that the item must always be sent in proper packaging, and you must retain your shipping receipt. Save your postage receipt including information on shipping costs and, if applicable, tracking and tracing numbers.

Information regarding complaint resolution

A product or service complaint for any items purchased from us may be submitted to the Centre for Complaints Resolution, the Nævnenes Hus, Toldboden 2, 8800 Viborg Denmark. You can also register a complaint with the Centre for Complaints Resolution via www.forbrug.dk.

The European Commission's online complaint resolution portal can also be used to lodge a complaint. This is particularly relevant for consumers residing in another EU country. Complaints may be submitted here: https://ec.europa.eu/odr. When submitting a complaint, please provide our email address: [email protected].