Surface Technology Industry

Surface Technology Pumps and Heaters 

Surface treatment technology often involves heating, pumping, and decanting of aggressive and corrosive media. Processes like electroplating and printed circuit-board production use acidic or alkaline fluids that must be piped and pumped precisely under tough conditions and an uncompromising operating environment. Pumps, heaters, and other components must be able to withstand stresses caused by high temperatures and special surface technology materials.

Trust the experts when it comes to selecting the best heating, metering, and filling solution for modern surface technology. Our industrial pumps and heaters are designed and perfected to provide the desired level of protection, refinement, and cleanliness in the end product. Whether pickling, chrome, anodising or nickel baths: HeatXperts has the ideal heating, metering and filling solution for every fluid.

Using our drum & IBC heaters in conjunction with FLUX pumps helps the pumping process in the surface technology industry to become safer, easier, and more flexible.

Some of the heating and pumping applications in the surface technology industry

  • Anodising
  • Anti-corrosive paintings
  • Caustic water
  • Chrome baths
  • Chromic acids
  • Corrosion protections
  • Defoamers
  • Degreasing
  • Epoxy
  • Hydrochloric acids
  • Liquid wax
  • Nanopaints
  • Nickel baths
  • Pickling baths
  • Salt water
  • UV-resistant polyurethane