What is a drum heater?


The role of the drum heater is to keep the contents of the drum safe and warm against the perils of frost damage as well as the contamination of its contents - providing an optimal and uniform heating to drums ensuring viscosity control, freeze protection, temperature maintenance and melting of any solids.

To provide consistent electrical surface heating, HeatXperts offer a full range of drum heaters that heat the entire drum or at the base of the drum (base drum heaters) - product flow is maintained in the heaters thereby reducing product loss by the thermostatically-controlled application of heat. Even high viscosity substances in the drum can be heated to reduce residue waste during the dispensing process.

There are also drum heating solutions available to provide gradual or rapid heating for the storage of fluids and liquids at critical or consistent temperatures. Heating jackets can provide thermal insulation to the stored containers, which prevents the drums from freezing in the winter months and offers cold temperature storage in warehouses.

HeatXperts is, without doubt, the elite when it comes to the manufacturing and globally exporting its vast array of drum heating jackets, drum base heaters and custom size heating jackets.

Drum heaters compatible with Mauser and Greif metal and plastic drums

Compatibility with Your Drum

In today's industry Mauser and Greif are amongst the leading worldwide supply giants of metal and plastic drums. These drums come in many different sizes and shapes.

For example, drums can be either open headed, which means they have a removable lid or closed or tight headed, which means they are permanently closed.

Open-headed drums are used when frequent additions or extractions of the contents are made so that it’s easier to work when using solids and thicker liquids such as soil, absorbents, syrups, glues, and oils.

Tight-headed drums are usually used with lower viscosity liquids.

HeatXperts manufactures drum heaters providing surface heating to both open-headed and tight-headed drums in both plastic and metal. These drum heaters are compatible with all major brands, including Mauser and Greif.

All the features on a drum heater from HeatXperts

Drum Heaters’ Features and Their Benefits

Standardized, made to fit drums

For several years, HeatXperts have produced drum heaters and therefore are specialists when it comes to knowing the standard sizes of both metal and plastic (HDPE poly) drums.

You know you’ll always be able to find a drum heater in our stock to match whatever standardized drum size you require, whether it's a 200L, 105L, 50L, 60L, 30L, or a 25L drum heater.

Resilient Outer Material

We design our drum heaters to withstand severe and harsh conditions, and so the outer material is highly durable made of a resilient Cordura material, including Teflon and polyester.

Only the Best Insulation and Inner Fabrics

HeatXperts only use carefully selected materials for insulation and the inner fabrics of the drum heater – this is to ensure optimal heat distribution is enabled for the best heating performance with minimal to no heat loss.

Stress-free and Simple Installation

We have created fastening straps with quick-release buckles for secure attachment to the drum and are strategically placed for the tightest fastenings for maximum heat distribution onto the drum.

Smooth and Specific Temperature Control

With state-of-the-art technology, we offer one of the most advanced digital controllers in the marketplace today. This enables the drum heater to be set to a specific temperature with a single touch of a button. The control display clearly shows the current and desired temperature. With the timer function, the duration of the heating process can also be controlled.

Global Power Sockets

As many of our customers are international, HeatXperts will ensure you have the correct power plug to match your own country’s socket type.

Standard and High Temperature Drum Heaters side by side

Drum Heating in General

We can supply you with a drum heater if you have a recycled, reconditioned, or brand-new drum manufactured from either plastic or metal. These drums can be efficiently heated, containing petrochemicals, resins, paints, building materials for the construction industry and dyes, as well as wax for the candle industry or even honey for the food industry – and this is just for starters.

All you have to do is plug it in and let it do its thing – as your role is simple – attach and tighten the drum heater to the actual drum itself by using the fastening straps with its quick-release buckles, then plug in the power socket, set the desired temperature on the adjustable digital temperature controller and you’re all set.

You can use the drum heater for maintaining constant process temperatures, for controlling the viscosity or for frost protection of drum contents in storage or warehouse locations just to name a few – our drum heaters are all available in 110 volts or 230 volts.

Just don’t forget to disconnect the heater from the power source once the drum is empty or if it’s being filled, installed, or removed.

Heat up oils, syrups, wax and honey fast with a drum heater

Speedy Substance Heating

We at HeatXperts work consistently to optimize the performance of our drum heaters so that we can offer a fast, reliable, and safe heating process when heating the substances of metal or polyester. Unlike silicone drum heaters, these full-size heaters heat up contents a lot faster than silicone drum heaters.

But how fast does a drum heater heat contents inside a 200 liter drum? Below is a selection of listed substances so you can see how long it takes for a drum heater to heat a 200L metal drum containing various substances from 18-degrees to 80-degrees Celcius:

Time in hours for various substances to reach 80 degrees Celcius in a standard 200L metal drum using a 1200W drum heater:
Substance Heating time in hours
Glue/Thermoset epoxy 7 hours
Diesel 8 hours
Olive oil 10 hours
Palm Oil 10 hours
Soybean Oil 11 hours
Rapeseed oil 12 hours
Synthetic motor oil 13 hours
Wax 13 hours
Fat/butter 14 hours
Maple syrup 16 hours
Glucose syrup 19 hours
Agave syrup 20 hours
High fructose corn syrup 21 hours
Corn syrup 22 hours
Coconut Oil 22 hours
Golden syrup 23 hours
Cane syrup 23 hours
We can do custom drum heaters to fit your project

Custom Size Drum Heaters

Benefit from HeatXperts’ vast project experience in providing customised drum heating jackets and blankets for companies all over the world. We also have a solution for your project.

Our heating jackets can be designed with internal elements/cables, mounting straps, thermostats, and cable and plug connections for powering of the heating jacket via the local electrical supply, in mind.

Unlike many drum heating providers, we are the actual manufacturer and we produce heating jackets to match any cylindrical form - fully equipped with either a digital temperature controller, bi-metal limiter for a fixed and constant temperature, or a PT100 sensor to connect to your own controller.

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Check out HeatXperts’ wide range of drum heaters to fit both steel and plastic drums, which are suitable for containing chemicals, soaps, solvents, paints, waxes, in fact, any oil-based products. All which require heating to ensure smooth flow and easy discharge with minimal to no product-waste. You can find full-size heaters as well as base drum heaters to fit your drum size.

Our Drum Heaters are used worldwide

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