What is an IBC Heater?

IBC Heaters

Storing your materials in IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) has a number of advantages compared to drums and other types of containers.

The cubic shape of the IBCs allows the storage space to be used much more efficiently than, for example, with cylindrical drums. In addition, filling and emptying of the IBC occurs much faster than with other containers. Most IBCs are easy to clean after use, and can therefore be used multiple times.

If you also prefer to store your substances in IBCs and wonder how to keep their contents warm in a safe and efficient way, the HeatXperts IBC heaters are the perfect solution for you.

IBC heaters are a special type of heating jackets designed to keep the contents of an IBC tank safe and warm and prevent frost damage, contamination or flaking of the contents.

Heating substances with an IBC heater is a quick and easy process: the heater is placed around the IBC, fastened with the straps in and switched on. Once the desired temperature is reached, it will be maintained. In this way, IBC heaters are an excellent way to ensure optimal and uniform heating of the tank contents, as well as to control viscosity, maintain the required temperature or quickly melt any solid materials.

In addition, the IBC heaters can be used to protect the tank contents against frost damage, contamination, crystallization or flaking.
Increasing the fluidity of highly viscous substances by heating them up will make filling and emptying of your IBCs a lot easier while minimizing any unnecessary product waste.

The IBC heating jackets have a number of advantages compared to other methods of keeping your materials warm, such as heat bath, heat chamber, as well as conventional fan or radiant heaters. First of all, when using an IBC heater you don't need to worry about transporting your IBCs: they can be warmed up anywhere where there is a power supply. Each time the needs to be transported, the heating jacket can simply remain mounted – just be sure to disconnect the heater from the power source before the transportation.

Secondly, the IBC heater can be mounted and dismounted fairly quickly, as well as rolled up and stored efficiently when needed. And, last but not least – the price of an IBC is significantly lower than e.g. of a heat chamber, whereas it consumes much less energy than the alternative heating devices.

At HeatXperts, we offer you several types of powerful IBC heaters with varying numbers of heating areas according to your needs, as well as IBC base heaters – in case you want to heat the bottom of your tank. The IBC heaters can also be combined with the base heaters to achieve an even faster heating of substances.

HeatXperts is your best choice when it comes to manufacturing and global export of the vast array of IBC heaters, heating jackets, drum base heaters and any custom size heating devices of the highest quality.

Design and Functions of IBC Heating Systems

Design and Functions of IBC Heating Systems

Our IBC heaters consist of a heating conductor, a layer of insulation, an outer jacket, a built-in safety thermostat and a power cable with a plug. We use only high quality, extremely resistant materials in the production of our IBC heating devices to ensure their durability and safety.

The container heaters warm the air between the heater and the container wall, and this is how the heat is being transmitted to the contents.
Once you turn on your IBC heater, it will heat until the specified temperature is reached, and then maintain that temperature.

The safety thermostat is designed to immediately switch off the container heater in case of any damage. In this way, you are ensuring the safety of your employees and at the same time protect the expensive materials from overheating and other damage.

All the features on a Container Heater from HeatXperts

Compatibility with Your Container

The containers made of various materials differ significantly. IBCs made of plastic are worse at keeping the heat and withstanding high temperatures than those made of metal. However, different metals have different thermal conductivity, which must also be taken into account. The metal tanks can usually withstand very high temperatures.

The plastic IBCs are therefore better suited for keeping substances warm with the help of heating jackets, whereas the metal IBCs allow the substances to be heated at much higher temperatures.

Our IBC heaters are compatible with containers of all major brands, such as Mauser and Schütz. Their high quality and lightweight design allows them to be quickly and easily fastened to any standard container with a capacity of 1000 liters.

Features and Benefits of Our IBC Heaters

Features and Benefits of Our IBC Heaters

Fitting for all Standard 1000L IBCs

At HeatXperts, we have been manufacturing container heaters for several years and are specialists when it comes to containers of any sizes, shapes and specifications.

Rest assured that our IBC container heaters will fit perfectly for all your standard 1000L containers. However, if you need an IBC container heater of a different size or with different specifications, we also have a solution for you.

Resilient Outer Material

Our IBC heaters are designed to withstand the harshest conditions. The outer material must be both highly resistant and flexible, which is why we use resilient and durable cordura material, combined with Teflon and polyester.

First-class Insulation and Inner Fabrics

HeatXperts use only carefully selected, high quality materials for the insulation and inner coating of our IBC heaters: equipped with an ultra-durable inner silicone heating wire, our heaters ensure the optimal heat distribution and the best heating with minimal heat loss.

Simple Installation

We have developed adjustable straps with quick-release buckles for secure attachment to the IBC. They can be strategically placed for the tightest fastening and maximum heat distribution onto the tank.

Easy and Precise Temperature Control

Always equipped with the latest technologies, we offer you one of the most advanced digital temperature controllers on the market today. It allows you to set the IBC heater to a specific temperature (in the range of 0 to 90°C) with a single push of a button. The display clearly shows the current and desired temperature. There is also a timer function that allows you to control the duration of the heating process.

Heat Your Materials Even Faster with Multiple Heating Zones

We also offer powerful IBC heaters with two and three heating zones for faster and more efficient heating of your materials. Multiple heating zones ensure that even highly viscous substances under very harsh conditions are heated quickly and kept warm for as long as needed.

Global Power Sockets

As many of our customers are international, we will ensure you have the correct power plug to match your own country’s socket type.

More on Our IBC Heaters

More on Our IBC Heaters

Our IBC heaters are designed to safely store your materials at their optimal temperature, protect them from the effects of harsh conditions and minimize the amount of product waste.

The IBC heaters by HeatXperts warm up the contents of your IBCs much faster than conventional heating devices and are suitable for a variety of materials – glue or thermoset epoxy, diesel fuel, motor oil, resin, petroleum jelly, as well as organic products such as oils (olive, palm, soybean, rapeseed and coconut oil), syrups, fat or butter, and many more.

Our IBC heaters are completely user-friendly: you simply plug the device in and let it do its thing. Attach the IBC heating mat to the container with the adjustable straps with quick release buckles, then plug it into the power outlet, set the desired temperature on the digital temperature controller – and you are ready to go.

You can use HeatXperts IBC heaters to maintain uniform temperatures, control the viscosity of your substances and make their discharge easier, or to protect the container contents against the cold and frost in storage rooms – to name just a few examples of the possible use.

Just be sure to disconnect the heater from the power source when your container is being emptied, filled, installed, removed or transported.

Heat up oils, syrups, wax and honey fast with an IBC heater

Heating Times of Different Materials

At HeatXperts, we are constantly working to improve and optimize the performance of our IBC heaters so that we can guarantee a fast, reliable and safe heating process for any kind of material. Unlike any alternative heating devices, our full-size container heaters heat the tank contents much faster.

So how fast does an IBC heater heat up various substances inside a 1000 L container?

Below you will find a list of different substances with the corresponding duration of heating when they are heated up to 60 degrees Celsius:

Substance 2-zone IBC heater 3-zone IBC heater

Olive oil

60 Hours

16 Hours

Coconut Oil

126 Hours

33 Hours

Rapeseed oil

69 Hours

18 Hours

Soybean Oil

61 Hours

16 Hours

Palm Oil

59 Hours

15 Hours

Synthetic motor oil

74 Hours

19 Hours


50 Hours

13 Hours


75 Hours

19 Hours

Glue/Thermoset epoxy

44 Hours

11 Hours


83 Hours

21 Hours

Glucose syrup

114 Hours

29 Hours

Corn syrup

127 Hours

33 Hours

Maple syrup

96 Hours

25 Hours

High fructose corn syrup (55)

122 Hours

31 Hours

Golden syrup

132 Hours

34 Hours

Cane syrup

135 Hours

35 Hours

Agave syrup

119 Hours

31 Hours


108 Hours

28 Hours

Components in paint

128 Hours

33 Hours

Paraffin wax

76 Hours

20 Hours

Soy wax

64 Hours

17 Hours

Gel Wax

79 Hours

21 Hours

Bees wax

109 Hours

28 Hours

Palm wax

88 Hours

23 Hours


64 Hours

17 Hours

Cola Syrup

140 Hours

36 Hours

We can do custom IBC heaters to fit your project

Custom Size IBC Heaters

Benefit from HeatXperts’ vast project experience in providing customised heating devices for companies all over the world. We have a perfect solution for your project as well!

Our IBC heaters can be designed with internal elements/cables, mounting straps, thermostats in mind, as well as cable and plug connections for powering of the heating jacket via the local electrical supply.

Unlike many providers of heating devices, we are the actual manufacturer and we produce container heaters to match any form – fully equipped with either a digital temperature controller, bi-metal limiter for a fixed and constant temperature, or a PT100 sensor to connect to your own controller.

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IBC heaters in stock:

Check out the HeatXperts’ line of IBC heaters – we offer container and base heating devices with one, two or three heating zones which are suitable for any standard 1000 L tanks. The materials that can be heated include oils, fats and butter, syrups, resin, wax, vaseline, diesel fuel, thermoset epoxy, motor oil, resin glues and adhesives, and many more. All of these products require steady heating to ensure smooth flow and easy discharge with minimal to no product waste. Our full-size container heaters and base container heaters can also be combined for even faster heating.