Temperature Controllers

Our temperature controllers are designed to perfectly complement our surface heating products. We offer both digital controllers, available in both ATEX and standard versions, to ensure precise and reliable temperature control. These controllers are user-friendly and feature advanced functionality for optimal performance.

Temperature controllers - Overview:

Our temperature controllers are engineered to provide accurate and efficient temperature control for our surface heating products. With their digital interface and intuitive controls, they allow users to easily set and monitor the desired temperature.

How Does It Work:

The temperature controllers work by receiving input from temperature sensors installed in or on the heating element. They continuously measure the temperature and compare it to the setpoint provided by the user. Based on this comparison, the controller activates or deactivates the heating element to maintain the desired temperature. This closed-loop control system ensures precise temperature regulation and energy efficiency.


Our temperature controllers find applications in various industries where precise temperature control is essential. They are commonly used in processes such as material storage, freeze protection, viscosity control, and temperature maintenance. Whether you need to maintain the temperature of liquids, gases, or solid materials, our temperature controllers provide reliable and accurate control in a wide range of applications.

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