Heating and curing epoxy with a heating blanket

Repairing rotor blades

Working with limited access demands high product standards. Get easy installation, full flexibility and great efficiency with Heating Blankets from HeatXperts.

We design heating blankets to match your standards and requirements perfectly. Optimize your rotor blade repair process by choosing heating blankets from our complete range of high quality products.

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Why choose our curing blankets for rotor blade repair?


Full flexibility

Get standard or tailored products to match your specific needs. Our products are available in fully customizable sizes


High safety standard

We design and manufacture our heating blankets using high quality and approved components only


Save time and money

Our products are tailored to match the needs of the industry and in quality to give longer lifetime

using heating blankets to repair rotor blades on wind turbines

We know how you work

A standard wind turbine blade ranges in length from 40 meters to as much as 100 meters. Production of blades with those sizes takes a lot of glass-fiber or carbon-fiber reinforced plastic. When producing the blades, very strong and high temperature epoxies are used to complete the production, which naturally needs curing and curing involves heat.

No different is it when the turbine blades have been running for some time and needs maintenance and service. This is of course where our heating blankets come in to do their magic and harden the epoxy repair safely and evenly on the rotor blade.

We have been producing heating blankets for curing processes for years, which today has made us market leaders in producing heating blankets for repairing and curing turbine blades.

We work closely together with our customers. By doing this, we can deliver a high end product with the functionality and features that you as a user want.

get customized heating blankets for curing epoxy

Our special range of heating blankets specifically for repairing wind turbine rotor blades

With HeatXperts heating blankets for curing it gets super easy to handle curing processes of composite, carbon, epoxy prepreg and ensure a safe and uniform temperature distribution on the surface of the material.

Our industrial heating blankets come in a variety of dimensions and specifications - all to meet your needs. This also means that we are able to produce customized blankets down to the smallest detail - feel free to contact us and let us know the dimensions and requirements of your custom curing blanket and we will get back to you fast with a quote for it.

All our heating blankets are designed in durable but highly flexible and lightweight material with the ability of heating to a maximum temperature of 90°C. These blankets has a 7mm. insulation that both ensures to retain heat, but simultaneously also makes the blankets more resistant both indoor and outdoor, ensuring a longer lifetime.

It’s your choice to use a mounted- or external digital controller or a limiter to set the temperature range to the proper level for your application.

To make it all even better our products come at an affordable price and fast worldwide delivery.

Standard size heating blankets for curing: