Drum & IBC pumps

Indispensable for industries that require liquid management, Drum and IBC pumps are used for pumping, emptying, mixing, scavenging and metering fluids from one container to another. They are suitable to use with all liquid media and pastes, regardless of viscosity and concentration.

The pumpable media include water, oils, acids, alkalis, liquid food, and fertilizers among many others. Drum and IBC pumps are resilient, portable, easy to use, and provide quick transfers with negligible spillage. They are also well-adapted to handling corrosive and potentially flammable media.

Drum pump for transferring substances

A barrel pump is a type of pump used to move fluids from one container to another. Commonly used in industrial and commercial settings, barrel pumps can be used to transfer liquids of various viscosities and volumes. Barrel pumps typically consist of a cylindrical pump body with a handle, a suction tube, and a discharge hose.

The suction tube is inserted into the drum or barrel, and the pump body is then turned clockwise to create suction. The liquid is then drawn up into the pump body and discharged through the discharge hose. Barrel pumps are also commonly used to transfer fuel from tanks or drums.

Barrel pumps are a versatile and durable type of pump, capable of transferring a variety of liquids. However, they are not suitable for all applications. When choosing a barrel pump, it is important to consider the desired flow rate, the viscosity of the liquid being transferred, and the compatibility of the materials with the liquid. Some pumps are well-suited for pumping corrosive or flammable liquids thanks to their robust construction. Some pumps are designed to handle less hazardous substances. This highlights the importance of choosing the right equipment for your material and if you are ever in doubt we at HeatXperts are ready to help and guide you to the perfect setup.

Portability is another key advantage of barrel pumps – they can easily be moved from one container to another as needed. Plus, most barrel pumps come equipped with easy-to-use controls that make them simple to operate.

Barrel pumps provide quick and efficient transfers with minimal spillage. This makes them an ideal solution for industries where liquid management is crucial.

Choosing the right pump

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right barrel pump for your needs. The first thing to think about is the type of fluid you will be pumping. This will determine the size and capacity of the pump you need. If you are only pumping water, a low viscosity pump will suffice. However, if you plan on pumping oil or other viscous fluids, you will need a larger and more powerful pump. If you need to pump flammable media it is important to choose a pump that can endure the exposure and at the same time provide essential safety throughout the whole process which could be an ATEX pump.

Another important factor to consider is the flow rate you require. This is determined by the amount of fluid you need to move in a given period of time. If you only need to move a small amount of fluid, a lower flow rate pump will be sufficient. However, if you need to move large amounts of fluid quickly, you will need a higher flow rate pump.

IBC container pump or a normal pump?

Finally, you will also need to consider the suction lift of the pump. This is the distance that the pump can draw fluid from the bottom of a container. If you are only pumping fluids from shallow containers, a lower suction lift pump will be sufficient. There are several different lenghts of pump tubes which fit different sizes of drums. If you have a 200l drum we will recommend a tube of 1000mm, whereas a tube of 1200mm fits the size of an IBC container.

When choosing a barrel pump, it is important to consider all of these factors to ensure you choose the right pump for your needs. If you are in doubt as to which pump is best suited for you please do not hestitate to get in contact. We will give you the right guidance to ensure your chosen products will fulfill your needs.