Custom Design For Specific Business Needs

Every business is different. And we know that certain industries have particular requirements for their products. That’s why we’ve made it easy to get the solution that works for you.

With all products made to order, our custom design service helps your business get exactly what it needs. We’ll even make something from scratch to match your specific projects and production targets. Tell us your requirements and we’ll put together a quote tailored to you.

Additional Product Range To Meet Your Precise Requirements...

Alongside our core stock, we offer an extensive range of supplementary heating products to save your business time, money and frustration. Whether it’s protecting pipes from freezing or optimizing curing processes for epoxy resin, managing the viscosity of materials in a container or preventing the crystallization of content - we’ve got you covered. We’ll make the product you need - whatever your business, wherever you are on your journey.

Cylinder Heater Blankets

The main issue with buying blankets for cylinder heaters - most commonly drum heaters - is limitations around dimensions. Most providers sell drum jackets in predetermined sizes which may not fit your specific project needs. But we produce heating jackets to match any cylindrical form, fully equipped with digital temperature controller, bimetal limiter for fixed constant temperature or PT100 sensor to connect your own controller.

GRE Pipe Curing Blankets

We’re market leaders in fibreglass pipe curing applications. And our curing jackets are designed for fast, secure curing and joining on PE, GRE, GRP, GFRP, RTR and FRP pipes. Manufactured with a durable, flexible and lightweight material, blankets reach a maximum temperature of 180°C and can be installed with either a bimetal limiter or PT100 sensor to connect your own controller. All blankets can be manufactured to fit any pipe diameter.

High Voltage Cable Straightener Blankets

When it comes to bending or straightening High Voltage Cables, our blankets and jackets do the job perfectly. Installing a heating jacket onto the cable makes it more flexible and easier to work with - incredibly useful for the installation of joints, terminations and connectors. We can produce high voltage heating blankets for all cable diameters with manual temperature control between 0°C and 95°C depending on your specific needs.

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Fair, Transparent Prices

You don’t have to spend a fortune to use our market-leading services. By cutting out intermediaries and manufacturing everything in-house, we can create the best products for your business while keeping prices competitive. And there’s no obligation on any quotation


Fast, Reliable Delivery

Every order varies in production time. But we’ll let you know an estimated delivery date when you request a quote. We usually deliver a custom order within 3 weeks. And our worldwide shipping means we get your products directly to you - no matter where you are


Quality, Professional Service

We’ve spent decades manufacturing high-quality surface heating products and consistently delivering a first-class service to our clients. Our products are manufactured using the highest-quality material and components to give our customers total peace of mind