IBC Container Heaters

When left in containers at room temperature, many materials become viscous and difficult to discharge, resulting in unnecessary product waste.

IBC Container Heaters are the perfect solution for effectively heating expensive materials and reducing the viscosity of fluids, without worrying about overheating, burning or freezing.

Suitable for water, oils, resin, vaseline, wax, adhesives, foodstuffs and more, they provide safe, fast and uniform heating to the entire surface of your container.

IBC Heaters - Overview

When stored at room temperature, many products become viscous and difficult to discharge from an IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container). In particular, syrup, sugar, fats and other substances often result in wasted product due to the thick viscosity not being able to leave the container.

IBCs are advantageous over other storage containers like cylindrical drums because they take up less space, can be filled and emptied more quickly, and are easy to clean. When storing contents inside an IBC, HeatXperts’ IBC heaters are the safest and most efficient way to keep your substances warm and in the right viscosity. Our IBC heaters fits all IBCs and also from major brands like Schütz, Grief, Werit, Mauser and Schoeller Allibert.

How does an IBC Heater work?

An IBC heating jacket is an ideal solution to quickly and effectively raise the temperature of fluids and materials, making it easy to empty the container with little-to-no waste product.

IBC heaters are a type of heating jacket designed to keep the contents in an IBC tank warm and prevent contamination or flaking. Heating substances with an IBC heater is quick and easy: the heater is placed around the IBC, fastened with straps, and switched on. Once the desired temperature is reached, it will be maintained.With IBC heaters, you can easily and evenly heat your tank contents while also controlling viscosity and maintaining the required temperature.

If you want an easier time filling and emptying your IBCs while minimizing product waste, heating up viscous substances can help make them more fluid. Compared to other methods of keeping materials warm - such as heat baths or chambers, fan heaters, or radiant heaters - IBC heating jackets have a number of advantages.

IBC heaters are much more convenient than traditional methods because you don't need to worry about transporting your IBCs. The heating jacket can remain mounted on the IBC at all times, and simply needs to be disconnected from the power source before transportation.

Secondly, the IBC heater can be mounted and dismounted fairly quickly. Plus, it can efficiently be rolled up and stored when not needed. And lastly – an IBC is significantly less expensive than e.g a heat chamber and uses much less energy.

Buying our heating devices will save you money in the long run.

At HeatXperts, we have multiple types of IBC heaters available depending on how many heating areas you need. We also offer IBC base heaters if you want to target the bottom of your tank specifically. If you combine an IBC heater with a base heater, the substance in your tank will heat up even faster.

We use only high quality, extremely resistant materials in the production of our IBC heaters to ensure their durability and safety. Our IBC heaters come with a heating conductor, a layer of insulation, an outer jacket, a built-in safety thermostat and power cable with plug. The container heater warms the air between the heater and container wall which then heats up the contents inside. The safety thermostat will immediately shut off the container heater if there is any damage, protecting your employees and materials from overheating or other harm.

If you're looking for IBC heaters, heating jackets, or drum base heaters, HeatXperts is your best choice. Not only do we provide a wide selection of products to choose from, but they are all also high quality. And if you need a custom size heating device made? We can help with that too!