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Food Safe IBC Immersion Heater

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  • Super fast performance that delivers heat to the outlet valve directly
  • Safe for food with industrial food grade Xylan coating
  • Accurate and precise temperature adjustment
  • Protects sensitive items from heat damage
  • Features a thermodynamic core
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When you’re looking to take your processes to the next level, getting the IBC Immersion heater can help you achieve it efficiently. Maximize performance when you’re using our IBC Heater’s digital control to control the temperature effectively.

The thermodynamic core utilized in the IBC Immersion Heater helps reduce waiting time when it comes to heating and ensures that the heat is directly delivered to where it is needed. It delivers heat at a rate of over 13m/s throughout the finned area. The high-speed transfer technology it uses isn’t commonly found anywhere besides satellite and space technology.

The industrial process heating for IBC is designed to boost the performance of your processes compared to traditional machinery and ensure greater efficiency in doing it. When you’re looking to protect various sensitive products while they’re being heated like honey, fats, molasses and much more or need controlled heating options; this IBC heater is suitable for all.

Ensure even temperature distribution so that none of your liquids or items is burnt through the process when you’re utilizing the best technology available in the market to ensure better quality and efficiency. The core components are completely sealed off, ensuring that none of the key controls or system is harmed by liquid damage.

The industrial-grade coating (Xylan) ensures that none of your viscous items ends up sticking to the machine, and the heater remains clean despite multiple uses. It is easy to clean, making it ideal when you’re looking to cut down time-consuming processes.

You can expect up to 4X faster heating and even temperature distribution compared to conventional heating methods you may be using currently. It will reduce the amount of damage and spoilt products while increasing functionality.

When you’re ready to revolutionize your current heating technology and make the process easier and quicker, it’s time to get the IBC Heater. The lightweight and durable equipment are all you need to ensure that your liquids and other items are heated optimally within record time.

Its unique design also features stainless steel handles, making it easier for you to insert and extract foodstuffs and other items. It features a low Watt density so that sensitive products are not damaged while they are being heated.

Get your batching process underway without any hassles when the heat is delivered straight to the outlet valve, reducing downtime and increasing performance.


  • Direct heat into outlet valve
  • Easy temperature adjustment
  • Optimal cleaning mechanism with Xylan coating
  • Designed to provide maximum heating surface
  • Thermodynamic core to ensure even heat distribution and better efficiency
  • Lightweight design to ensure optimal use anywhere
  • Status and power delivery LED indicator
  • Durable and quality heating elements
  • Advanced food safe technology internal heating system for viscous liquids and other foodstuffs

Technical specifications:

  • Adjustable temperature ranges from 0°C to 90°C using an easy-to-use controller on the top of the heater
  • 230/240 Volts - up to 2.4kW power output
  • Fast batching ability. Unique thermodynamic core that gives even temperature distribution along the heating extrusion, preventing thermal damage to the liquid contents of the IBC
  • Non-stick industrial strength Xylon coating for easy washdown
  • Carefully designed low Watt design to protect sensitive products
  • Lightweight with stainless steel handles for easy insertion and extraction
  • Even temperature distribution along the length of the heating extrusion
  • Colored LED for power cycle and status indication
  • 16 Amp blue industrial power plug
  • Protective sleeve between the base of the control unit and the neck of the IBC to prevent ingress of contaminants
  • IP67-rated body with potentiometer control mounted under protective see-through cover
  • The product is sealed to ensure that all the connections and components are waterproof
  • Robust IP67-rated aluminum case

Usage Areas:

It can be used to heat viscous liquids like fats, oils, grease, molasses, treacle, honey, syrups, and more


Data sheet

10 kg.
1830 mm.
830 mm.
IP Class
IP67 (Waterproof - Can be used in wet and dusty conditions)
Power rating
2400 Watt
Temperature controller
Temperature range
0 - 90°C
Compatible with
1000 Liter IBC Container
CE approved
FDA approved
Number of heating zones

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