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3000 mm. 450°C Heating Tape with digital control unit | Buy it today

Heating Tape 450°C - 3000mm.

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  • Flexible resistance heater used in a wide range of industrial and commercial heating applications
  • Ideal to use for pipes, flanges, heating columns, valves and transfer lines
  • Braided earth (ground) wire for added safety
  • Uniform heating with a maximum element temperature of up to 450°C
  • Digital control unit for temperature supervision
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Our quick fix heating tapes are the new world alternative to traditional heat tracing cables. These tapes will coil around a wide range of diameters and complicated machinery with effortless finesse. 

Our heating tapes are extremely user-friendly, and do not require any distinct expertise to install and operate. Its unique structure and patented heating element promises maximum productivity and fewer installation difficulties than other traditional heating methods.

Durability and malleability being the prime characteristics, our heating tapes can be twisted, wrapped, and bent around a variety of objects without getting damaged. It contours to the shape of your object and brings your medium to its optimal temperature almost immediately. Heat tapes work like band-aids for pipe insulation and can be used on metals of variable densities. Our heat tapes are commonly used on roofing tiles, gutters and water pipers to melt snow and prevent freezing. They can be wrapped around a variety of diameters, which makes them compatible to use with machinery as well. 

They are uniquely energy-efficient in the sense that they are able to achieve an indirect, yet intimate contact with your medium. This means that maximum heat is transferred to your object, and a very negligible amount is lost to the air.

Our heating tapes have a high watt density which enables it to reach temperatures up to 450 °C. It boosts production by doing more in little time. The tapes are manufactured with a protective copper braid, which ensures protective earth and minimizes wear and tear.

Our tapes bestow longevity to your products and help eliminate downtime by reaching desired temperatures rapidly. No amount of twisting will damage or deform these tapes as they are built to comply with industrial standards. 

These heating tapes are a breeze to install. Just remember to keep the exterior of your objects free of foreign materials or liquid accumulation, as it may decelerate the heating process. All you need to do afterward is to spiral wrap your heating tape onto the surface that requires heating. Avoid overlaps and loose ties, and you’re good to go!

Our tapes come equipped with a digital temperature controlling device, which comes in handy for even heating and ramp functionality. This CE approved temperature controller allows you to monitor the process and maintain optimal temperatures. 

Heating tapes by HeatXperts are the perfect solution for quick, hassle-free heating. We also help with installation and provide preventive maintenance. 

Technical specification

  • Supply 230V 1-phase
  • Temperature range 0-450°C
  • Heating tape dimensions 12x8mm
  • Installation distance > 10 mm
  • Protection class IP20
  • Cold cable connecting heating tape to control box 1m
  • Integrated PT100 sensor
  • Max pressure 6 Bar
  • Digital programmable regulator
  • Rubber cable 1,6m with grounded plug type Schuko
  • RCD not included (We assume that the 230V socket is protected by RCD)
  • CE manual

Data sheet

3000 mm.
IP Class
IP65 (Weatherproof - Can be used in wet and dusty conditions)
Power rating
635 Watt
Temperature controller
Temperature range
0 - 450°C

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