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4500 mm. 250°C Heating Tape with digital control unit | Buy it today

Heating Tape 250°C - 4500mm.

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  • Quick fix tapes for a wide range of heating applications
  • Ideal to use for pipes, flanges, heating columns, valves and transfer lines
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Uniform heating with a maximum element temperature of up to 250°C
  • Equipped with a digital control unit for temperature supervision 
  • Available in 4 different lengths/power classes
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Our heating tapes are easy to use, inexpensive, robust and ideal for a wide range of heating applications. These quick fix tapes manage the viscosity of your liquid, prevent condensation and the formation of ice dams. They catalyze commercial and industrial processes by minimizing downtime and allowing your product to reach its optimal temperature rapidly.

Made up of high-quality materials, these heating tapes are exceptionally durable and flexible. This means that they are able to develop intimate contact with your media and have a relatively higher surface coverage than other traditional heating instruments. Their durability entails them to withstand extreme bending without getting damaged or losing shape. This close contour and flexibility also allows our tapes to be more energy efficient than other heating equipment.

Our tapes have a maximum temperature exposure up to 250°C (482°F). They possess high temperature resistance and flame retardancy which empowers these tapes to reach high temperatures almost instantly. 

These heating tapes are manufactured with a protective copper braid that guards it against wear and tear, and also warrants an earthing system for maximum safety. They also sport a multi-strand resistant wire technology which extends the longevity of these tapes. 

Installing our heat tapes is as easy as pie, and working them is even easier. All you need to do is to twist the tape around your object firmly. It must be evenly spaced out, without any overlaps to ensure uniform heating. For additional safety, it is advised to wear protective glasses and gloves before operating these tapes.

Heating tapes by HeatXperts are coupled with an intelligent, digital temperature controller, which allows you to supervise the heating process. Our CE approved temperature controlling device averts your product from overheating or burning out. 

We also help with installation and preventive maintenance. Contact us now to find compliant solutions to your specific requirements!

Technical specification

  • Supply 230V 1-phase
  • Temperature range 0-250°C
  • Heating tape dimensions 7x3mm
  • Installation distance > 10 mm
  • Protection class IP64
  • Cold cable connecting heating tape to control box 1m
  • Integrated PT100 sensor
  • Max pressure 6 Bar
  • Digital programmable regulator
  • Rubber cable 1,6m with grounded plug type Schuko
  • RCD not included (We assume that the 230V socket is protected by RCD)
  • CE manual

Data sheet

4500 mm.
IP Class
Power rating
400 Watt
Temperature controller
Temperature range
0 - 250°C

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