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Cómo calcular la viscosidad: la guía esencial

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(5) Cómo calcular la viscosidad: la guía esencial
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  • little comment
    Por:Mina En 11/13/2021

    this was very helpfull !! thank you so much , bless you !

  • Question about the equation
    Por:Gonzalo En 08/05/2021

    Hi, Is there a name for the equation given above, or is it a derivation of Stokes Law? I would be really thankful for an explanation.

  • Ask about "a"
    Por:Manuel Fermin Fonseca En 03/27/2020

    Hello dear staff, reading the article ive realize that the "a" in the formula is not defined, or described in the text. Best regards Manuel F Fonseca

    Respondido por: System Administrator En 03/27/2020 Hi Manuel Thanks for the heads up - you are absolutely right. We have updated the formula so it now also contains the definition of "a". Thanks again. /Jens