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Honey Drum Heater for 200L drums

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  • Perfect for melting honey
  • Minimizes fluid viscosity and prevents crystallization
  • Helps in rapid and uniform heating of a standard 200 liter drum
  • Also perfect for heating water, sugary solutions or oil-based fluids
  • Prevents project setbacks and unnecessary product waste 
  • CE marked and approved digital controller makes it safe and easy to use
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Our high-quality Drum Honey Heaters are your safest bet for reliably heating and safely storing temperature-sensitive fluids at their optimal temperature. It is a submersible heater specifically designed to fit a standard sized 200 liter drum.

Drum Honey Heaters from HeatXperts provides safe, rapid and uniform heating to stored fluids which ensures longevity and eliminates costs incurred from materials damaged by improper storage. You can use it to lower the viscosity of sugars, honey, water and oil-based solutions.

Our standard 90°C Honey Drum Heaters are more power efficient than other traditional heating instruments. It is equipped with an intelligent heating system with a CE approved digital temperature controller, which is easy to operate and monitor. 

The immersion tube on our Drum Heater is manufactured with a honey-comb structure at the end, which allows for uniform heating throughout the barrel due to an increased surface area, which makes it perfect for melting honey. It is made of stainless steel tube element AISI 316L (1.4404) and is IP65 to withstand outdoor environments. The active heating zone on the heater requires a minimum liquid filling of 100 mm in order to function.

All properties put together, this Honey Drum Heater strives for a smooth warmup curve, premium ramp functionality, and safe handling of fluids. The diameter of the heater adequately fits a regular 200-liter steel drum and is equipped with a flexible handle, which makes it easy to lift in or out of the drum. This also enables easy suspension when not in use.

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Our Drum Honey Heaters mostly work independently as the main heat source, but can also be used as a complement to traditional drum heaters. It is delivered complete with a control cabinet and a CE-manual, ready to be used by the customer.

Every minute of downtime is a minute too much! Order your Drum Honey Heater now to efficiently counter project setbacks and preventable wastage costs.


  • Eliminates waste by storing materials at their optimal temperature
  • Instant, energy-efficient and uniform heating
  • Honeycomb structure allows for a greater heating surface area
  • Can heat water, sugary solutions, and oil up to 90°C
  • Stainless steel immersion tube ideal for outdoor use
  • Easy to operate and store
  • Minimizes downtime and project setbacks

Technical specifications:

  • Power 1200W
  • Supply 230V 1-ph
  • Total height of heater 1050 mm
  • Element ø 420 mm
  • Heating zone 50 mm
  • Temperature zone 0-90°C
  • Surface load 1,12W/cm²
  • Low surface load adjusted for sensitive media heating
  • Integrated PT100 sensor
  • Connection box IP65
  • Minimum liquid filling when heating 100 mm
  • Cable between heater and control cabinet approx. 2800mm
  • Digital controller- easy to program
  • Rubber cable 1600 mm H07RN-F (3G1.5 mm²) mounted grounded plug type schuko
  • RCD not included (We presuppose and bases this heater on the existence of a RCD in the 230V sockets)
  • CE-manual

Data sheet

5 kg.
IP Class
IP65 (Weatherproof - Can be used in wet and dusty conditions)
Power rating
1200 Watt
Temperature controller
Temperature range
0 - 90°C
Drum compatible
Immersion Length
1000 mm.

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