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High Voltage Cable Straightening Jacket 1000x625 mm.

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  • Enables for perfect straightening and joining extra-high-voltage and high-voltage power cables before connection
  • Supports different sizes; fits cable diameter range of 60-160 mm
  • Relieves mechanical stress from the cable insulation
  • Controls temperature up to 100°C with an in-built PT100 sensor
  • Facilitates digital display with programmable temperature controller
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Pre-heat the extra-high-voltage and high-voltage cables prior to straightening and making a connection with HeatXperts high-voltage cable straightening jacket. The innovative design and technology of this product allow for consistent heating of cables with complete temperature control.

High-voltage cable straightening requires more than brute force and lubrication for safely handling the current and voltage. HeatXperts HV cable straightening jacket simplifies the task with a heat treatment process for every cable core. The process relieves mechanical stress from the cable insulation to enable straightening using ratchet straps. You may clamp the cable in the desired position on channel irons and let it cool for at least two hours before straightening or relaxing it.

The strong mechanical tensions in the inner wires of a high-voltage cable make straightening and bending difficult, especially in precise raceways with several terminations or junctions. HeatXperts provides an efficient heating mechanism to manipulate these cables with a temperature limiter at 100°C.

The HV cable relaxation kit includes a PT100 sensor on the jacket's surface to control and limit the temperature to 100°C for PTFE HV cables. The sensors are wired to an adjustable thermostat with a digital dual LED display to show actual temperature and setpoint. The thermostat is adjustable up to 90°C for voltage limits of 110V and 230V.

The plug and play jacket has a strain relief system and a solid fixation for handling high-voltage cables in outdoor operations. The jackets are available in two length sizes and each option comes with sturdy straps to fit different diameter requirements. HeatXperts also offers custom manufacturing for special size and shape requirements.

The heater construction includes a resistance heating cable and 6mm insulation to prevent excessive heat loss during the process. The jacket heats on one side, while the opposite side remains cold to facilitate easy handling. A 5-pin connector helps supply power to the jacket and controls sensor temperature during operations.

The heating times differ due to cable diameters and set temperature limits. This high-voltage cable relaxation system takes 4 hours for 400 mm2, 5 hours for 1200 mm2, and 6 hours to heat 2500 mm2 cables at a set temperature of 80°C.

Order your cable straightening jacket or blanket for any specific dimension or application to ensure easy flexing or joining of high-voltage cables in energy-related sectors. 

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Technical Specifications

  • Silicone coated fiberglass fabric for better insulation
  • Ideal for cables up to 160mm
  • Temperature limit at 100°C
  • Velcro for fastening the jacket over cables
  • In-built timer setting
  • Available with Termofuse- 130°C
  • Adjustable thermostat for temperature control: 0-90°C
  • Plug and play function
  • Heaters and controllers come with both 110V and 230V options
  • Power delivery: 1500W at 230V and 750W at 110V
  • Jacket Dimensions: 625x1000m and 625x2000m
  • Straps and fasteners to allow fixed installation
  • Custom sizes are available upon request

Usage Areas for HeatXperts HV Cable Straightening Jackets

  • High voltage cable joining
  • Renewable energy sectors
  • Construction sites
  • Epoxy joints
  • Cable straightening and relaxation in power utility

Data sheet

4 kg
1000 mm.
625 mm.
IP Class
Power rating
1500 Watt
Temperature controller
Temperature range
0 - 90°C

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