FLUX Pump Kit F550 for Industrial applications up to 30.000 mPas 79

FLUX Pump Kit F550 for Industrial applications up to 30.000 mPas

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  • Positive displacement pump
  • Smooth pumping and with very little turbulences
  • Low pulsation in relation to the flow
  • Pump / shaft / worm can be dismantled
  • Flow rate up to 21L/min
  • Viscosity up to 30.000mPas
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Pre-assembled eccentric worm-drive pump kit with planetary gear for industrial applications to pump thin to medium viscous media up to 30.000 mPas out of 200-l drums and IBCs. The positive displacement pump works smoothly at a constant pressure and ensures a gentle, pulsation-free pumping. Eccentric worm-drive pump F 550 GS in 1000 mm. (Drum) or 1200 mm. (IBC), Commutator motor F 457, Stator housing, Stator, Hose, Discharge spout, Hose connection and compression gland.

With 800 Watt the motor F 457 is the most powerful commutator motor. The handy commutator motor in compact design has a very good air cooling and is convincing with its low noise level. It is optionally available with an integrated no-volt release that prevents an accidental start and thus guarantees an optimal safety. Additionally, the motor F 457 EL has an easy to handle electronic speed adjustment to regulate the delivery rate.

The FLUX drum pumps operate on the principle of the axial-impeller pumps. The pump unit consists of a drive motor and pump. The motor drives the drive shaft via a coupling. At the end of the drive shaft there is a propeller-like pump impeller (rotor). The rotor must be completely covered with the medium that the pump can work. With the rotation the medium is axially transferred to the outlet, i.e. parallel to the pump shaft.

This pre-assembled drum/IBC pump kit is a complete plug and play kit where everything you need to get started is included in the package. Simply unpack, install and turn the power on and you are ready to use your new electrical drum & IBC pump.

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Great benefits:

  • Wide range of viscosity can be covered
  • Optimal for viscous self-flowing media
  • Also suitable for shear-sensitive media
  • Transfer at constant pressure
  • Can be adjusted individually on the media's characteristics
  • Pump can be dismantled
  • Efficient use of medium
  • High efficiency
  • Most powerful commutator motor
  • Low noise level
  • F 457 EL: with infinitely speed adjustment

Drum & IBC pump media examples:

  • Low viscosity to high viscosity media
  • Oils
  • Adhesives
  • Binders
  • PU foams
  • Flocculants
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Thixotropic
  • Gaseous
  • Solid or fibrous
  • Slightly aggressive or neutral media

Suitable for:

  • Other industries

CE Approval
DVE GS Approval
EAC Approval

Technical Data:

  • Flow rate: max. 21 l/min(*1)
  • Delivery head: max. 40 mwc1
  • Viscosity: min. 1 mPas - max. 30000 mPas
  • Outer tube diameter: max. 50 mm
  • Immersion length: 1000, 1200
  • Materials outer tube: Stainless steel
  • Media / Fluids: Viscous media
  • Seal: open mechanical seal
  • Container: 200 l drums, 1000 l IBC

*1 - The max. flow rate is achieved in the mentioned configuration with the medium water at 20°C and discharge height = height of outlet.

This Drum Pump Kit contains:

  • Drum pump F 430 AL-41/38 in aluminum
  • Commutator motor F 457, 230 Volt, 50 Hz, 800 Watt (max. 80 l/min)
  • Petroleum hose DN 25, 2 m long
  • Hand nozzle aluminum
  • Compression gland polypropylene

Data sheet

Compatible with
200 Liter drum
1000 Liter IBC Container
CE approved
30.000 mPas
Flow rate (l/min)
21 l/min
Outer tube material
Stainless Steel (SS)
Low viscosity to high viscosity media
PU foams
Slightly aggressive or neutral media
Solid or fibrous
Explosion Proof (EX)
Other industries
Adjustable Speed

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